Captain – An Excellent Tribute to Sathyan


An Excellent Tribute to Sathyan!

The tale of unsong legend in Indian football, WeVP Sathyan, that’s Captain. Jayasurya with his career best performance shines as India’s one of the best captain of all time VP Sathyan. Jayasurya was so successful in all the departments of the movie by portraying his success and failures though out his career and life. The movie was produced by TL George under the banner of Goodwill Entertainments was directed by Prajesh Sen with lead roles Anu Sithara, Renji Panicker, Siddique, Deepak ParambolĀ andĀ Saiju Kurup.

Unlike the tales of sports legends outside the nation India stars stories are filled more with personal problems than the challenges faced from the pitch. The story of Sathyan is no different. He was severely injured when he was young and played his entire career with a steal rod in his left leg. He never had supports or advice to get rid of this steal rod through out his career and most part of his career was driven by passion towards football. They portarys how hard he fought against the attitude of people around him throughout his career.

Talking about the performance, Jayasurya just nailed it. He was top of everything throughtout the movie. Anu Sithara another promising actress from the industry just showed us Malayali actresses are not just for showcase. Siddique, Renji pandoke, Saiju Kurupotti and Deepak did justice to their roles. Direction was quite good. Prajesh Sen did very well to recreate the old times. He was able to deliver all the emotions of Sathyan to the people. The dramatic football scenes and VFX were the only miscue we could feel all over the movie. Gopi Sundher did wonders with music and DOP of Roby Varghese was sublime.

Tail-end :- Even after leaving the theatres Sathyan will haunt you. His passion, love towards football is infinite. We thank the entire Captain team for give us a chance to explore the life of India’s Greatest Football Captain.

Rating :3.5/5



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