Alamara Malayalam Movie Review

- A Time pass One


Alamara (2017) Malayalam Movie Review


The story is based upon the subject that nowadays the youth doesn’t have a strong bond of relationship with their family members.And also how family members getting interfered into their life’s.

Performances :

Sunny Wayne delivered a performance that had full justice to his role. Renji Panicker was the one who stood out with a good performance and also saiju kurup and manikantan chipped in with good numbers while aju varghese didnt live up to expectations. Heroine Aditi Ravi delivered a descent performance while Seema Nair was superb in her role.


Midhun ‘s last one Ann maria was a very well made movie and that brought in  expectations for this movie as well.But this time he has failed to lived up to the expectations.Even though the script was an half baked one ,Midhun had the caliber to bring in the additional mileage it required. But midhun wasn’t able to deliver it this time.Script has its negatives as most of the things cant be accepted by the normal people.


The songs as well as the background score department falls apart miserably.

Technical Expertise:

The frames were good but the editing was not that crisp which resulted in lag throughout the second half.


Alamara can be considered as a timepass or a brainless entertainer which is not going to get anything big from the box office.




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