angamaly daries malayalam movie review
angamaly daries malayalam movie review

Angamaly Diaries (2017) Malayalam Movie Review

Performances: The debutant Antony varghese has delivered an Excellent performance as the hero.The 2 villains in the movie also have delivered a Great performance.The performance of the remaining Cast was also commendable.

Execution and Screenplay: Lijo Jose has delivered again a much appreciated refreshing attempt as a director.A big credit also goes to Chemban Vinod for being the story contributor.As they mentioned, they were able to give full justice to the word ‘Katta Local’ .The fights are superb.The first half is good while second half is above average with an 11 minute one shot climax.

Technical Side: Dop by gireesh is top notch and is the main positive of the movie.His brilliance for climax needs a standing ovation.Editing is also good even though there is lag in second half.

Songs and Bgm: Songs and Bgm are also good and Suits the mood of the movie.

Angamaly Diaries is a good attempt from Lijo with a Super performance from the lead actor’s and a brilliantly executed climax.



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