Baahubali 2 enters into 50CR Club in Kerala; Only the second Movie to do so


The Unstoppable BAAHUBALI 2 has amassed a huge 50 crores at the Kerala Box office in just 14 days thus by destroying all the existing records. It is the fastest to enter the 50crores elite club in Kerala alone and only the second movie after Mohanlal’s Industry Hit Pulimuruan . The rush never went down throughout it’s 2 weeks run in Kerala .The positive word of mouth and the long wait for the movie are to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali are the main reasons​ behind the craze towards this biggie from the family side as well.

With still people waiting to watch, we are expecting a huge figure from the Kerala Boxoffice for this Indian Wonder.

Baahubali has rewritten all the Records in it’s 14 days run at the Kochi Multiplexes as it became the fastest 2crores Grosser here at Kochi Multiplexes, In Trivandrum Ariesplex it reached the 1crores milestone in just 10 days thus making it the fastest to do so and it’s also has put records at the screens owned by Carnival Group.

With still the booking going at a high pace, we are expecting it to cross 75 crores​ mark in next it’s 2 weeks of run and by the end of Eid fasts, Baahubali has a possibility to even become the Highest Grosser at the Kerala Boxoffice.

BAAHUBALI 2 has thus far grossed close to 51 crores with a share of an amount close to 22cr in Kerala alone. Earlier Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan had achieved the feat if entering the gross figures of 50crores from Kerala alone and remains only Malayalam movie to do so.

Jai Mahishamthi!


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