Honey Bee 2 – Malayalam Movie Review

"poorly baked entertainer" - Fridaymatinee


Honey Bee 2 Movie Plot :

The Cochin Gang is back again with their traditional style.Lets check out whether they have been able to entertain us again.

Honey Bee 2 Movie’s Performances:

Asif Ali delivered a neat performance as the main hero.Bhavana also has delivered a good performance.But the problem is that their is nothing much to elevate for them.Baburaj,balu,sreenath all have done a good job but was not at their best like the the first part.

Execution of Honey Bee 2:

As a director cum writer, we have to say that he has failed miserably.The first half of the movie was watchable but the second half was tedious.There is nothing much to elevate in this half baked script.The second half was boring and was also a torture for the audience.Another negative is the dialogues which were below standard.Jean was good in his previous 2 outing s but this time he failed both as a director and script writer.

Technical Side:

Cinematography was good is a positive of the movie and editing side, the editor cant do much as Screenplay was a half baked one and it resulted in a boring second half.


Songs were good ones and the background score is average.

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