Infographic of all murders from the Game Of Thrones show


Game of Thrones TV Show (HBO) are well known for killing the characters. there is massive amounts of death we can see from the first of show , even if we strongly think this guy gona live till the end of the show. now , a redditor gives infographic wich shows the all muders from the show and its very interesting.

Reddit user named ‘Orangedistortion‘ posted infographic on subreddit of Game of thrones. he says;

“My name is Luuk Van Hoomissen and I created this graphic by scouring wikis and clips from the show to find information on every named character, specifically if and how they died. Unnamed characters are not accounted for here, which affected the results.”

check out the infrographics of muders from Game of Thrones :

    Game of thrones muders infographics

click here for high resolution.


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