Mamangam: A Visually Stunning Tale of Warriors


Mamangam: Tale of Warriors

The much hyped most costliest movie of malayalam, Mamangam has arived in style at the world wide box office in four languages. The star cast boasts of “Hero of Epics” Mammootty , Unni Mukundan, Achuthan as warriors, Siddhique,Prachi Tehlan and Iniya in other major roles.


In the movie Mamangam, the story is set at the backdrop of a 17th century revenge tale of warrior clans from Chandroth Family to overthrow the Zamorin King(Calicut Samoodiri) during the Mamangam Festival which happens every 12 years.

Script and Direction:

Director Padmakumar has tried to bring the movie more realistically than adding mass masala contents like we in fictional epics such as Bahubali.
Since the movie is based on true events, there are limitations to add more of fictional characters and cinematic masala entertainments. The Director did try to put his 100 percent effort and deserves applause in bringing the movie to a great shape.

Screenplay moves slowly with lesser cinematic contents as mentioned , with more 17th century valluvandan malayalam diction.The script conveys the history behind mamangam and the reason for rivalry during every mamangam festival.


All the lead characters share equal amount of screen space supporting each other.
Mammukka, Hero of epics as called, plays an unnamed warrior and does it effortlessly. The tras character that he played deserves a huge applause as it was realistically portrayed. Someone of his stature pulling it deserves full marks.

Unni Mukundan and young wonder kid Achuthan were brilliant as warriors in all their fight sequences.

Prachi had a great debut while Iniya was pretty good.

Siddique who plays grey shade as usual pulled it off with ease.

BGM and Song:

While the mamangam BGM was stupendous, other BGMs could have been better. Mamangam BGM score could have been used other places as well , well it was limited.

Songs were well received and had created pre buzz as we know, but the surpise song by KJ Yesudas which was not released earlier turned out to be the best


DOP was faboulous as we got to see sonme of the finest frames in malayalam cinema. Thanks to Manoj Pillai

Editing was good as it played an important role during the non linear style of narration.

Verdict: Go for it, why wait. Learn and Understand our History.
Long Live Malayalam Cinema


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