Review of Mammootty Starrer Pullikaran Staraa


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Pullikaran Staraa revolves around the story of an Idukki Born Person, named Rajakumaran. From the childhood itself, he has got many bad nicknames without being culprit
in any of the allegations made against him.When he growed up as well, there were allegations against him.He then goes to kochi as a part of his job and meets his old
friend and some other new people.Then the story goes on with further more incidnets happened b/w rajakumaran and his friends.


Mammootty delivers a very good performance , whether its acting or its dialogue delivery or its his looks, it was top notch.Being the heroines, both Asha Sharath as
well as Deepti Sati delivered matured performance which was a big plus point with usually these kind of roles is tough to handle. Dileesh Pothen and Innocent
were also good in the roles assigned to them. Hareesh Kanaran deserves a big applause as he handled the comedy department very well, his numbers got a good reception
from the audience. Rest of the cast’s performances were fine.



A simple story which has its moments has been executed very well by Shyam Dhar.Being debuted with a dark shade thriller , 7th day, it would have been a bit challenging
for him so that colour tones and style of execution will be different for this movie. But he has been successful in presenting it well to the audience.The main positive
of his execution, we felt is that he was able to execute this without giving audience a single second of boredom.Coming to the script department,the debutant Ratheesh Ravi
deserves a good round of applause as he written a script that contains all the ingredients for a feel good movie.It has comedy, feel good moments, advice to teachers/
students/parents etc. And all these ingredients were properly mixed up in the script.An above average first half was followed up by a good second half.

Technical Expertise:

If some one deserves a standing ovation for this movie, its the Director Of Photography, Vinod Illampally.His frames were brilliant and it gave the movie an another
mileage.His frames for Kilivathilin Song is a perfect example for his brilliance.The editor Ratheesh Raj also did a good job as the duration was very apt and there
wasn’t a single second of lag.


Songs were pretty good when watched from the screen , main reason being the frames.The back ground score by Gopi Sundar was very pleasant as it suited the mood of the
movie very well.

Rating :3.5/5


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