Mammootty- Vysakh Movie Charted For Vishu 2018 is not Raja 2 ???


It’s been a week since we got a confirmation that Vysakh is directing a Mammootty Movie which will be produced by himself and Udaya Krishna.
What we all thought was it’s Raja 2 which was announced by Vysakh on January 1, 2017.

But the fact is that this movie is not Raja 2. As Raja 2 demands a 100 odd days from the Megastar, they have planned to postpone
it and start working on a new project.

This is also a mass entertainer which will be penned by Udayakrishna and it demands close to a 60 days of date from Mammootty.
Udaykrishna’s UK studios will be distributing the same in assocciation with Vysakha Cinemas.

For a further clarification, Raja 2 is not dropped and the project is still on. They have put it on hold only becuase of the
lengthy schedule which Mammooty cannot afford for the time being.

This movie will hit screens on April 7/8 as a Vishu Release.


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