Meet the promoter : Suhail Shaji


Meet the promoter : Suhail Shaji

Suhail Shaji, Who is the founder of an Online Movie News Publishing Company called Mollywood Mad is sharing his long 7 years of experiences as an online promoter.

Suhail Shaji started his career as an online promoter for Malayalam film industry at the age of just 12 when he was doing his 6th standard studies. He started an online media page on Facebook called ‘’Magic Reels Media’’ and started to upload filmy based contents through the page. And after few months he got to promote some movies. And become notable in the industry by his clean works.

And very fast he got opportunities to promotes some successful movies like ‘’Charlie, Kuttanadan Marpappa and Joseph’’ etc…
Also their company handles the official facebook pages of several celebrities from Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bollywood films.

From his childhood days itself his dream was to be a Film maker, but without a film background it was too hard for him to get direct opportunites. So he decided to startup a company which do every kind of online works of films. And it was a step into his dreams, while he was moving with his busy works he planned and changed the name of his company “Magic Reels Media’’ into ‘’Mollywood Mad’’. Later it become their brand ship.

By side he directed a short film called ‘’Ariyathe’’ starred by Guppy fame Arun Paul was getting very good responses from YouTube viewers.

And the connections from this online promotions helped Suhail to finish a script. and now Suhail is all ready to direct his dream project, a cinema starts with a simple story including a high cast will be announcing soon…


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