Our Mexican Aparatha Malayalam Movie Review
Our Mexican Aparatha Malayalam Movie Review

Oru Mexican Aparatha (2017) Malayalam Movie Review

oru mexican aparatha reviewPlot:The basic theme of the movie is about sfi getting emerged in a college where ksu is leading.

Performances: Tovino Thomas delivered a descent performance as the hero.Neeraj Madhav did Complete justice to the role assigned to him.Roopesh Peethambaran was not upto the mark with his performance.Performance of the remaining Cast was not that satisfying.


oru mexican aparatha review

Execution and Screenplay:

The team has not delivered the full justice to the teasers released.There is not that much mass elements in the movie which is a major drawback.Script is a half baked one.With his direction, the director was able to made this one a watchable flick.A much more better script with more mass elements would have made this one a good watch.

Technical Side: The editing side has been fine even though there is some lags .The frames are very well captured and its a good positive for the movie.

Songs and Bgm: Songs are good and the bgm was a bit loud.



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