Queen Songs Review



The song has been trending in the social media and a viewership of 1.5m+ in You tube clearly shows how trenchant the song is.The picturization and cinematography have added gratification for the song to be catchy.The lyrics about friendship and love is quite enchanting.Vennilave song is so sweet that the song have already hit the chart busters.The lyrics are the soul of the Song and no wonder why this is the best song from the movie.The main lead have been fantastic with his expressions.

Rating : 3.75/5


The energy the song posses has been simply outstanding.The singer gives his 100% and is apt for the movie lovers who loves high- voltage music tracks.The fast pace lyrics have been well crafted and is indubitably for those people who love to celebrate.If you relish to celebrate,then podipaarna is indubitably your pick as it can guarantee 100% entertainment.

Rating : 3/5


The song sung by Neha nair is a ready-made winner.The melodious voice of Neha adds symphonic twists to it.The best composition of Queen is definitely ponnumkasavinte song sung by Neha.The more you heed the song the more chances of waning in repeat mode.

Rating : 4/5

Saare Njagal

Another trendsetter in making??? This song looks very much to be another jimmiki kammal in making??? The composers have heavily denounced the faculties, and the wordings used in the song gives immense satisfaction for the youngsters as they have experienced similar situations in real life.This song will go miles once the movie will be released.Something big is loading.

Rating : 3/5


This song mainly glorifies what Mech Engineering is all about.The song looks like a tug of war between two Engineering departments.The lyrics looked so fresh and let’s wait and watch who will win the race.

Rating : 2.75/5


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