Read Out How the 4 Characters of Dulquer Salmaan in Solo are Related to Lord Siva


Solo which is one of the most expected releases of this year is now getting noticed for a number of reasons. One being is the clash between people who liked and people who disliked it and then followed by a post from the director about the changed climax and so on. For me, the reason to watch this movie was Dulquar – Bejoy combination. Solo is an anthology movie, where four different stories are told and they don’t have any connection. Each story is based on one of the panchabhootha and connected with Lord Shiva. Let’s see how they were in the silver screen.


1. Water ( Sekhar): Here Dulquer plays the role of Sekhar who is in love with a blind girl. They are madly in love and finally gets married. I am not going into the details of the storyline. The name ‘Sekhar’ indicates “Storage or One who stores” and the character of Dulquer have long hair. This indicates Lord Shiva holding Ganga in his ‘Jada’ (don’t know the English term for this). You should watch closely to understand the brilliant thoughts director has put in building up the characters of this story. Sekhar always wears clothes which have a blue color on it, showing the Jala bhava of Lord Shiva. The character have stammering and this resembles the sound of water we all hear when the water flows through the rocks, it doesn’t make a continuous flow of sound rather it makes a mix of sounds. Female protagonist’s costumes always have a red or orange tint to it showing the goddess part. The visuals are brilliantly envisioned and I would say Bejoy deserves a standing ovation for this. I was awestruck by the detailing, the pickup truck carrying the female character to the hospital for delivery, is blue color, the cradle where the baby is kept is blue color, the towel used by the nurse while handing the baby over to Sekhar is blue color. Only a very few directors in India goes to this level of detailing… Phenomenal !!!…The bad part was the dialogs when the costumes and visuals supported the screenplay in a superb fashion, the dialogue was just par or just Ok.

2. Trilok ( Air) : The name of the male protagonist played by Dulquer is ‘ Trilok’ in this story. There is only one thing common in three worlds of Earth, Pathala and Akasha, that is air and hence the character is named in that manner. Here you can see the main color of costume as white which indicates air. The look of the central character is calm but he is very vicious in the back of his mind. Even when he approaches the villain’s they are unaware of him. It’s like a carbon monoxide poisoning, you will never know you are breathing something which is going to kill you. While in another part of the revenge, it resembles a choking. You know that you are breathing a toxic one, but you are helpless. That is how the story is caricatured. Regarding the connection with Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva did Nataraja dance in the air after killing Tripurasura and known as Urdhava Tandava Moorthy. This dance is a guided action which is perfectly under the control of Shiva and not just random steps. The central character’s action resembles the same in the movie. He knows what he is doing in each step and enjoys the revenge. While the last killing is happening he is simply eating up an apple as if it never affects him. The dance in the air indicates Lord Shiva’s joy after the slaying. Bad Part… Again no strong dialogues supporting the character buildup.

3. Shiva ( Agni/ Fire) : In this story, Dulqer plays the role of Shiva, a gang member. There is an uncanny resemblance of the shot when Dulquer walks into the bar and shoot the villain to various shots in Aryan and Abhimanyu. Dulquer heavily resembles of 90’s Mohanlal in various shots of this movie. The character wears only black dress, indicating that he is a messenger of death. The only dialogue the central character has is calling his dad ..”Dad”. That’s all. The reason is fire never have a sound. None of us know what is the sound of fire. His love towards people is also fierce same as Agni, even playing with it cause your death. In this story, again the mythical element is brilliantly portrayed. The villain’s name is Vishnu and Shiva aims to kill Vishnu for his father’s death. The story goes like Kamadeva poked Lord Shiva unnecessarily and Lord Shiva opened his third eye to burn Kamadeva. Kamadeva is believed to be an element of Lord Vishnu. In the movie, this story is well played out. Also when the shootout happens, you will hear “Aigiri Nandhini” in the background which is about Goddess Durga, who is believed to be an element of Shiva. With all this fierceness, Agni is believed to the best of all the panchabhoota because it purifies whatever you throw in it. The love of Agni is pure and you can see when Shiva gets his sleeves rolled up to take revenge for his long left father.

4. Rudra ( Earth): Outside the mythical elements, Lord Shiva is considered as Rudra, a tribal leader. Even in the history, it is believed that South Indians aka Dravidians worshipped Shiva more than Vishnu and later due to the onslaught of Aryans, Vishnu became the supreme power. If you have traveled across multiple temples like Brahdheswaram, Chidambaram, Kapaleshwaram etc you can feel how Chola and Chera kingdoms treated Lord Shiva as their supreme god. During the tile of this story, if you notice, Lord Shiva won’t be holding his trident weapon, rather he will be holding a stick like weapon used for hunting. Rudra indicates the mythical tribe leader who is willing to fight for his land. Remember that even in these days for most of Tribal people, Lord Shiva is still their prime lord. In the movie, the character played by Dulquer uses earthly color costumes to project the feel of the story. He is an army officer, which in turn indicates a man who fights for his land. He is firmly in love and loves his girl as he loves his land. The physical fight he does to get the girl shows the ancient culture of “best fighter” gets the girl. But the story also shows that whatever you consider yours will leave you one day….


Please dont destroy the effort out in by the director , he has put in a lot of effort , understanding this concepts and then execute it.Hats Off Bejoy Nambiar!

Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this long article.


  1. It’s Indeed a great article, thank you for this. I do agree and respect the sheer effort Bejoy Nambiar had to put behind this movie. But I felt that apart from Siva (Agni) , the basic plot let down the movie, and I’m disappointed at that.
    I wish Bejoy Nambiar had taken up diverse plots rather than sticking to usual hero-heroine-villain’s ‘romance’-‘revenge’-‘melodrama’.


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