Review : Tiyaan is Impressive, Fresh Attempt



Plot: The movie shows the difference between real Hinduism and today’s “Sangh Parivar propaganda”. Indrajith and Murali Gopi are playing the lead. Indrajith and Murali Gopi are playing the roles for these 2 characters. The main concept is about the belief and religion. The makers had tried to showcase the same in Tiyaan.

Performances:  Indrajith has got the most screen space among all the lead actors and he did a great job. Even though Prithviraj didn’t have got that much of screen space, he also did complete justice to his role. Murali Gopi also did a decent job to the role assigned to him. The remaining cast also were in sync and good with lead actors. The dialogue delivery from the main cast is also commendable.


Execution: The director Jiyen Krishnakumar deserves a big applause for handling such a serious subject in a very good manner. He has shown great maturity while handling this subject. But he could have used the character of Prithviraj to some more extent. Murali Gopy as a script writer has done a good job, but he could have characterized Prithviraj to a better level. Then the impact would have been much better and engaging. The dialogues he wrote were brilliant and he deserves a big applause for the same.

Technical Aspects: When it comes to the technical aspects, Tiyaan is excellent. The extravagant visuals featuring some fresh locales and unusual terrains by Satheesh Kurup was just brilliant. Editing could have been more crisp so that the running time of 168 minutes get reduced.Music: Even

Music: Even though the songs in the films falls to the average category, background score by Gopi Sundar was in top notch as well as suited the mood to the core.

Verdict. Team Tiyaan deserves a loud applause for the subject they handled and for the way in that subject was executed.


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