Trapped (2017) – Review

'brilliantly enacted'


Trapped Movie Review


Director : Vikramaditya Motwane
Cast : Rajkumar Rao

Content Writer: Rahul Gopakumar, First Day First Show.

“Trapped” was screened at last year’s Mumbai Film Festival (which I attended by the way but couldn’t watch this one due to some reason I can’t even remember) and the film was well received by the audience. The film was met with a 5 minutes long standing ovation!! Now that doesn’t happen often, does it? Now when I watched the premiere show of the film, I can say, “Trapped” deserved those claps, infact a 10 minutes long standing ovation would be less in my opinion for this beauty.

90% of the film is shot in a single location with just a single character, Shaurya (played by Rajkumar Rao) in frame. With just a shoestring budget and a relatable storyline, “Trapped” is as engaging as a movie can get! How many such “one location, one character” movies succeed in getting the audience glued to their seats? Ok leave that. Generally, of all the movies that releases in an year, how many movies succeed in getting the audience glued to their seats? Yep! That is a huge task and “Trapped” succeeds in doing that!!

Rajkumar Rao puts up a spectacular show. One of the most heavily underrated bollywood actors. He has performed brilliantly pulling off even the slightest expression with utmost perfection. The film is wonderfully written and is equally wonderfully presented on screen. Exhilarating yet poetic. The emotional journey of the character was brilliantly portrayed in those 100 minutes runtime. The last 15 minutes of the film can be considered as the definition of an “edge of the seat experience”! The film doesn’t have an interval in between and that was a brilliant decision taken because a break in between would have seriously affected a movie like this drastically.


“Trapped” is a must watch film by all means, brilliantly enacted, beautifully written and splendidly made. If you miss this one, you will be missing one of the best films that came out in recent times. So, please please please DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Trapped releases in theaters tomorrow.


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