Sakhavu Movie Review – A Good Watch Political Drama

A Good Watch Political Drama


Sakhavu is Malayalam movie written and directed by Sidhartha Siva, starring Nivin Pauly in lead role. movie released today (15th April 2017) in cinemas. its one of the big movie of the season.

Story line:

Krishnan (Nivin Pauly) is a student leader who is living his day by day life by doing fraud and tricky acts for political carrier.One day,he gets to know about Sakhavu Krishnan (Nivin Pauly) and his back story, which brings a change in Krishnakumar.


Sakhavu Krishnan is Nivin Pauly’s career best performance to the date.He has three get ups and two roles in the movie, one as Krishnakumar and Sakhavu Krishnan. the flashback portions is where he excelled best.The only problem with Nivin Pauly is that he lacked punch when delivering the powerful dialogues which we have seen in his previous movies as well. Althaf was good as his comedies with Nivin Pauly worked out in the initial stage of the movie. Gayathri Suresh As Aishwarya where she got nothing much to performance on scree.she has done a fine job on other hand Aishwarya Rajesh acted as Janaki done a really good.The performance from the remaining Cast were also good.


Sidharth Siva was able to create a Screenplay which was never owing to any party and it gives a good message to young communist supporters.The movie starts with comedy track after 40 minutes ,it changes to serious mood.The direction from Sidharth Siva can termed as above average.As the movie doesn’t require a 164 minute running time and it resulted in lags in many portions.An impact was missing in the direction side.Climax and Pre Climax scenes are Ok to good.

Technical Side:

Main positive of the movie is its technical department where the dop by George was simply top notch.The frames were fresh and it suited the movie.Editing was Fine.


Songs will fall into the above average category with the title song being the best and background musics was good as it suited the movie.



Sakhavu is neither a pakka communist movie nor a pakka commercial movie.It starts off in comedy track and later turns into serious mood.Movie is completely predictable  at a stage and nothing new to offer.Overall,Sakhavu is an above average to good watch barring the lag created due to the large duration.

Rating :3/5


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