Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil – A Decent Raw Movie With UnConventional Way Of Making


Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil – A Decent Raw Movie With UnConventional Way Of Making

Plot : Jacob Varghese (Antony) has been arrested for a case and is sentenced to jail and story revolves around his jail period.

Cast & Performance: Antony Varghese did a reasonable job especially in fight sequences . Another good performance from him after Angamaly Diaries. The show stealer here is Vinayakan who again came up with an excellent performance and took the film on his shoulder in the first half.Chemban Vinod also did a good job as well as ‘Tito Wilson’.Heroine didnt had too much to do but did her part well.The actors who acted as police officers were good and Remaining Cast also did a reasonable job.


Tinu Papachan, the director has made no compromise as far as the direction side is Concerned.His raw style of Making was challenging but he did his best to put up a fine show.The script belongs to a category where a unconventional way of Making is demanded.First Half deals with the emotions and events happened in a jail whereas second half is more thrilling compared to the first half.Makers have been able to make audience interested throughout the movie.

Technical Aspects: Main Positive of the movie is none other than its DOP and Sound Mixing.All the above mentioned Aspects were top notch.Editing should have been crisp .Good Job Girish Gangadharan and Renganath Ravee.


Songs falls to average category but back ground score was superb and it suited the mood well .Good Job Deepak Alexander


Verdict:If you are fan of raw movies and unconventional way of making, Go For It !


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