Take Off (2017) Movie Review : An Overwhelming Experience



Take Off Movie Review :

Take Off Malayalam Movie Based on true story about a rescue mission of Indian nurses who got entrapped in Iraq.The major positive of the film is the way it detailed their lives apart from the intensity of the struggle they faced during evacuation. Not revealing much of the plot as always since we believe that it can be a show spoiler.

This is indeed a brilliant debut as director by the famous editor Mahesh Narayanan. There was very good expectations for this movie and to exceed those high expectations in the first film is as good as it can ever get!! Backed up by a great script as this by Mahesh Narayanan and P V Shaji KUmar , the film was always going to be special.

Parvathy who portrayed the lead character Sameera just gave her best performance till date and we would not be surprised if she runs away with top honors come the awards season!! It was indeed heartening to see actors like Fahadh, Asif and Kunchacko playing sidekicks to her!! Together they gave us a memorable movie!! The best among the lead actors was Fahadh Fazil whose last film that got released was Maheshinte Prathikaram which was released over a year ago. What a way to make a comeback after a a year, hopefully he stays as selective as he has been recently and be a top star who the audience can really trust!! We would have to say that this could be among the best performance Kunchacko Boban has ever done.

Technical side of the movie also did their job neatly in all major departments be it cinematography, songs, editing or the BGM.


Take Off is a film that should not be missed!! Watch it from theaters and let great films like this be huge blockbusters. The purple patch of Malayalam Cinema continues…


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