The Great Father Review – Intense,Stylish and Emotional


The Great Father REVIEW
The Great Father REVIEW

            The Great Father Movie Review:

The Great Father Movie Review
The Great Father Movie Review

The Great Father is most hyped movie of the season staring Megastar Mammootty and Arya from Tamil. Movie is Directed and penned Haneef Adeni who is new to the industry.Here we take a look at how the movie panned out .

Base Thread:

The film revolves around David Nainan , a famous builder and his daughter,Sara David. Their happy and peaceful life is met with a shocking disaster and David forced to hunt down the man behind it.


Mammootty as David Nainan put his best foot forward for this character and it was a real treat to watch him on screen. Once again he shows why his emotional prowess has no match in the first half of the movie. His massive avatar in second half is surely a treat for the fans and the neutrals alike! Baby Anikha as Sara David was superb. The way her character pulls off jovial side of hers and the shattered side of hers is pure class. The way she talks about her Dad is sure to give you goosebumps.. The way she explains the emotional turmoil she is in is sure to make you shed some tears. Tamil actor Arya put up a neat performance. The villain in this movie needs a special mention. Though there is nothing much to emote on screen for him.

The Great Father REVIEW
The Great Father REVIEW

Haneef Adneni, The Debutant:

Haneef Adeni’s debut venture is surely one experience the film buffs would not forget in near future. He pulls off this film with so much class and makes a name for himself right away.the way he crafted  ‘The Great Father’ movie shows how good he is.

Technical Score:

Another highlight of the film is stunning soundtrack by Sushin Shyam. It’s something Kerala audience has rarely experienced. Roby Raj’s cinematography is another huge positive for the movie.

Like many other films there are minor negatives in this film as well but when you consider the whole movie we would have to say that The Great Father is emotionally engaging, elevated with power packed mass elements.

The Great Father Movie is decent movie neatly crafted, worth watch for every penny and comparatively Best from Mammootty’s recent movies.For the People of Kerala Mammootty is back, for the Fans the Megastar is Back with a bang.

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